ChatGPT Plus: $20 per month for a premium service, OpenAI launches its subscription offer

A first step towards profitability? OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, just announced the arrival of a premium subscription service for its conversational agent. The package relies heavily on the significant improvement of the user experience. An announcement which constitutes for the Californian startup a first step towards the monetization of its products.

What additional services for $20/month?

Named ChatGPT Plus, the premium service will be available for $20 per month. A package initially reserved for American users. OpenAI is indeed trying to satisfy people who are already on a waiting list before opening — “soon“says the company – its subscription in other regions of the world. Does this announcement mark the end of free access? No, says the young shoot, which wishes to maintain general public access to its This novelty even aims to financially support the free version, intended for “as many people as possible.”

With ChatGPT Plus, paid users will have access to ChatGPT (including during peak hours) and faster generated responses. In addition, subscribers will receive the latest service updates first. We think in particular of the upcoming arrival of GPT-4, an even more powerful model than the one currently used by ChatGPT.

Other offers under consideration

By announcing this premium package, OpenAI seeks to target an audience of professionals won over by the free version of the tool. “We’ve had millions of people give us feedback, we’ve made several important updates, and we’ve seen users find their way to a variety of business use cases, including writing and editing content. , brainstorming, help with programming and learning new topics“, analyzes the company, which now intends to convert these users into real customers.

Subsequently, the startup plans to “refine” its offer based on initial feedback. At the same time, new, more suitable subscriptions could see the light of day, and in particular a “cheaper”more affordable.

For its part, Microsoft already markets OpenAI products for its professional customers within its Azure OpenAI Service. A package for developers billed according to consumption. ChatGPT will soon appear in the offer, the company announced on January 17th.

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