ChatGPT & Opera: the browser unveils Shorten, a new function based on AI

Opera joins the AI ​​race. After a rather vague first announcement, the developer specifies the use cases of the ChatGPT agent within its web browser. The Norwegian company has published the demonstration of a new feature soon to be implemented in its application.

A bulleted summary

After the parent company Kunlun Tech announced the upcoming integration of ChatGPT into its products, it specified in a statement how new features will be taken advantage of by users. This version of Opera will thus offer a Shorten button which will generate a summary of the information presented in the displayed page. This synthesis should be translated in the form of a bulleted list.

With the advent of generative artificial intelligences, Opera foresees a significant increase in web content. Summarizing an article in seconds could save users valuable time. “Opera believes that with the emergence of AI solutions for the generation of text, images and audio and in countless other forms, we are at the dawn of a new era of creativity on the Web. That’s why we are redesigning the browser to allow our users to harness all these resources and unfold their full potential in the best possible way”says Krystian Kolondra, executive vice president of PC browsers and games at Opera.

Imminent arrival of the new Opera

The Summary feature is still in the testing phase and will be rolled out “very soon”assures Jan Standel, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications at The Verge. In parallel, the development teams would work on other features backed by the sidebar and still based on ChatGPT to “increase” user experience on the Internet.

By announcing the improvement of its desktop and mobile web browsers thanks to AI, Opera is following in Microsoft’s trajectory. The new Edge based on ChatGPT will notably be able to summarize a web page or a PDF, generate text, translate a programming language or adapt to the content displayed on the screen.

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