ChatGPT: GPT-4 could be presented as early as next week

Did a Microsoft executive spill the beans about GPT-4, the AI ​​model that powers ChatGPT? On Thursday, March 9, at an event dedicated to artificial intelligence held in Germany, Andreas Braun, CTO of Microsoft Germany, mentioned the imminent release of the fourth generation of the chatbot.

“We will introduce GPT-4 next week, we have multimodal models which will offer completely different possibilities — for example in terms of creating videos”Braun said in his talk about possible applications of AI and ChatGPT.

In all likelihood, this presentation should take place on Thursday March 16, when Microsoft is organizing a global conference on the future uses of AI in the workplace.

For a few weeks, it has been rumored that this conference will also be an opportunity for Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s No. 1, to present artificial intelligence-enhanced versions of its Outlook or Word programs. As for GPT-4, as Andreas Braun pointed out, it should be able to perform increasingly complex tasks.

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