ChatGPT AI will be used by news site BuzzFeed to create content

Will the media soon be fed artificial intelligence? The American information and entertainment site BuzzFeed wishes to require the services developed by OpenAi, announced its general manager Jonah Peretti in a memo addressed to employees and relayed by the wall street journal.

Of “content inspired by AI”

AI will contribute more to the production of editorial and commercial operations. Personalized quizzes to engage the reader will be created, mentions for example the manager, who does not specify all the tasks assigned to artificial intelligence. Jonah Peretti expects this technology to support the creative process of employees while enhancing company-generated content. Humans will be the key — a “cultural currency”he says — responsible for overseeing machine-generated content.

In 2023, the “content inspired by AI [fera] part of our core business”specifies the leader relayed by Bloombergwho hopes “opening a new era of creativity”. Finally, Jonah Peretti expects that in 15 years, AI and data “help create, personalize and animate the content itself”.

Requested by the wall street journala spokesperson for the company tried to qualify the comments of the director and assured that the production of BuzzFeed will remain centered on the human journalist at the heart of the editorial staff.

Employee concerns

When BuzzFeed’s new editorial policy was announced, many employees asked management about AI issues. In particular, one employee asked the general manager how he intends to circumvent the legal problems of AI related to the creative work of illustrators, photographers and art directors. “We have conducted experiments in the past with AI-generated images. We recognize these concerns and take them seriously”would have answered Jonah Peretti.

Asked by several employees about possible downsizing related to automated content production, the manager asserted that AI is a technology to make full-time employees more efficient and creative, not a downsizing strategy.

This concern does not seem to be shared by investors in the stock. Within hours, BuzzFeed stock soared nearly 120%. A move reminiscent of the crypto and blockchain craze five years ago, notes Bloomberg.

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