Charles is still growing, but he’s brilliant

Charles is still growing, but he’s brilliant

Charles Leclerc; photo: Ferrari

Christian Horner expressed admiration for Charles Leclerc and the way the pilot of Ferrari handles the fight in this year’s championship. The Monegasque has three wins in 13 starts since the start of the racing year and is 80 points behind Max Verstappen in the general classification.

“I have a lot of respect for him for the way he carries himself. As well as the way he competes on the track – hard but fair,” Horner said

“He and Max had very serious battles in the first half of the season, but they never even touched each other. It’s great to watch and it’s great to be a part of a fight like that.”

David Coulthard noted that Charles is literally growing up in front of the fans under the greatest possible pressure – to be a Ferrari driver.

“I wasn’t surprised (by Leclerc’s behaviour) because that’s how he behaves all the time in Formula 1. Remember Azerbaijan when he hit the chicane wall and shouted: ‘So stupid! I’m so stupid!”

“However, Leclerc is still growing, maturing before people’s eyes, and under the greatest possible pressure in Formula 1 – he is a Ferrari driver. It’s more than a racing team, more than a car company – it’s a whole country, a world full of fans. Once he cleans up those little mistakes – and remember Max Verstappen messed up like this early in his career – Charles will be incredibly good.”

At the same time, Ferrari keep repeating that there is no leader between their two drivers. Sporting director Laurent Mequis noted the progress of Carlos Sainz and declined to say whether that puts the Spaniard in a better position than his team-mate

Since his victory at Silverstone, Sainz has taken the same number of points as Leclerc. Mattia Binoto insists that it is too early for the team to focus on one driver. The situation in the team does not contribute to the clarification, and the differences in the general rankings are already very large.

“Yes, Carlos has had three very strong race weekends – Silverstone, Austria and France. We are very, very happy about this fact. It’s not that obvious because we had other things to work on. But he’s really made great progress from the start of the season to now,” Mekis explained.

“We didn’t hide at the beginning of the year that the car didn’t suit him very well. We had to work a lot with him, with his engineers, with everyone in Maranello, for him to gain enough confidence. These things take time. Slowly but surely we seem to be heading in the right direction. Does that make someone a leader or not? No, it doesn’t. We know we have two very, very good drivers. We are working with them to improve the team’s positions in the championship as much as possible and we want them to be as fast as possible.”