Charles III with a secret plan for Princess Charlotte

Britain’s little Princess Charlotte is about to get a special status because her grandfather King Charles III has big plans for her, and it’s likely to cause a bad mood among some members of the royal family.

Charles III is said to have a secret plan in which he apparently disregards a promise made by his parents Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, because, as he writes in The Sun, he decided very soon to give a new title to 7- his one-year-old granddaughter.

Charlotte will be proclaimed Duchess of Edinburgh. What is special about this title is that it previously belonged to the late Queen. From her wedding in 1947 until she ascended the throne in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II held this title.

A royal family insider told The Sun: “It will be a fitting way to honor the memory of the Queen, who of course held the title of Duchess of Edinburgh.”

If the secret plan goes ahead, however, it will be a surprising decision and could lead to a scandal with his brother Prince Edward. After all, according to a Daily Mail insider, the title was originally supposed to go to him.

According to the publication the Queen and her husband Prince Philip have promised Edward the title, if he marries Sophie Rhys-Jones, now Countess of Wessex. And this he did in 1999, having been given the title after the death of Prince Philip.

Prince Edward, as the youngest child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, did not receive the title of Duke, but was only made Earl of Wessex. But after his father’s death, he inherited the coveted title of Duke of Edinburgh.

But after Prince Philip’s death in April 2021, the title in question initially passed to Charles. And now as king he can relinquish the title of Duke of Edinburgh.

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