Chaos with the World Cup: Qatar is considering a new change in the calendar

Chaos with the World Cup: Qatar is considering a new change in the calendar

The absurdity surrounding the World Cup in Qatar continues, with the hosts considering changing the opening match for the second time three months before it kicks off.

According to tradition since 2006, the host country automatically goes to the first group “A” and accordingly plays in the opening match. Something that Germany, South Africa, Brazil and Russia have accomplished.

The draw saw Qatar play their opening World Cup opener against Ecuador, but a day after the draw, the hosts strangely decided to change things up.

As the championship was scheduled to start on November 21 with a midday match, the organizers moved the Qatar match to the more watchable time slot in the evening, making it third on the schedule.

However, now a new change is being prepared, with the idea being to move the start of the World Cup a day earlier. Thus, the planet’s championship will begin on November 20, with an evening match between Qatar and Ecuador.

The information was reported by the media in Ecuador, citing its federation, which has received an official inquiry as to whether it agrees to such a change.

It is not yet clear how this change will affect the second day of the World Cup. One option is for the matches there to remain three, but with the program moved back and the noon match removed.

So Senegal – Netherlands will be from 16:00 local time, England – Iran from 19:00 and USA – Wales from 22:00.

There is an option for the three matches to remain on the preliminary schedule, with just a hole left in the place of the displaced Qatar match, which was third on the day’s schedule.