Catherine Zeta-Jones: If you wake up next to the same person every morning, the ups and downs in your relationship are inevitable

One of the unwritten laws of Hollywood states that the majority of its popular representatives are extremely fickle in their feelings. Given the fact that they have turned their profession into a way of life, they meet most of their partners on the set. However, regardless of the strength with which their romance begins, the general audience, closely following the lives of celebrities, seems to expect from the very beginning that it will gradually decrease, bringing them closer and closer to the end of their relationship. Love with an expiration date is the curse of the stars.

Of course, there are also couples who manage to overcome both the tests of time and the pressures of media and fame, holding on to all those reasons that brought them together in the first place. Moreover, their passion does not lose its intensity. On the contrary, it only grows over the years.

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One such example is Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, who got married more than two decades ago, a time equivalent to almost an eternity by the standards of the Mecca of cinema, where everything is frighteningly fleeting, including human relationships. Despite their high social status, which comes with all kinds of benefits, actors are no different from all other husbands.

Regardless of the opinion of many, they also face problems that can sometimes question their coexistence, as actually happened in 2013. Then the couple separated for a short time, but fortunately the break in their life together, during which each of them was dealing with difficulties of a different nature, made them realize that they really couldn’t do without each other.

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In a recent interview with the Telegraph newspaper, the 53-year-old Oscar winner talked about the good and bad times she and her husband had gone through.

If you live with the same person, waking up next to him every morning, then it is impossible not to have ups and downs in your union, and I have been waking up next to Mike for almost 25 years now. I like being married, but it still sounds crazy when I think about it. The situation is like a Chanel bag that you spent a fortune on. You think you’re tired of her and you’re thinking of selling her, but you can’t because deep down you know you’re attached to her, that you love her…“, the star shared frankly in the conversation with the tabloid.

The attractive brunette, who continues to rule men’s hearts, proving that she was rightly chosen to play the beautiful Elena Montenero in The Mask of Zorro, has revealed that the secret to her marriage involves mutual respect. She is of the opinion that if you treat someone well, the two of you will see your way to the very end, no matter what obstacles you may encounter along the way.

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I’ve never felt like there was a huge age gap between us, even though he’s 25 years older than me,” admits Jones. “I remember back in the day people would point out that when I turned 50, he’ll be 75… But that’s just math“, she is emphatic.

An interesting detail is that he and Douglas were born on the same date, September 25 to be exact, but a quarter of a century apart. They celebrated their last joint personal holiday on the island of Sardinia, spending a few days on the luxury yacht of their friends. For the special night, however, they disembarked from the vessel on land to raise a toast in their honor by visiting a fine dining restaurant.

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