Canal+ news: series and films to watch in streaming in November 2022

Each month, Canal+ brings its myCanal streaming service up to the level of its competitors Netlix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, and completes its catalog with many interesting new features.

In November 2022, the films Dunes, Nightmare Alley, Belfast and The King’s Man: First Mission arrive in the catalog. On the side of the series, these are Marie Antoinette (available from October 31), Trigger Point and mood who create the event.


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What new films and series are coming to Canal+ in November 2022?

The series of the month: Mood

Sasha, 25, dreams of a career as a singer, but spends her days lounging around in her bedroom. Kicked out by her family and now broke, she meets Carly, an Instagrammer who has made a fortune thanks to her activity as a cam-girl. Gradually, Sasha will switch to the abyss of the sex industry.

A beautifully written series about the new generation, social media and the toxic world of influencers. A touching and musical drama that stirs up questions of ethics, identity and individuality in an overexposed society. In the main role, Nicole Lecky bursts the screen. A mini-series not to be missed. From November 7 on Canal+ and myCanal.

  • Watch the series trailer:

Film of the month: Dune

Paul Atreides, the son of Duke Leto Atreides, has a dream in which he sees a young woman wandering in a desert. He is very surprised to finally meet her when he travels to the arid planet of Arrakis, source of a precious commodity called the Spice. The young man is called to reign, but nothing goes as planned…

Dune is one of the most ambitious and impressive recent blockbusters. Denis Villeneuve (prisoners, blade runner 2049) delivers an intelligent adaptation of Frank Herbert’s book and gives all its breadth and abstract dimension to its universe. In addition to visually impressive sequences, the film also has an excellent cast: Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Javier Bardem, Rebecca Ferguson… From November 3 on Canal+ and myCanal.

  • Watch the movie trailer:

Here is the list of new features on Canal+ and the myCanal platform in November 2022. They will be updated over the weeks.


  • Marie Antoinette – from October 31
  • Trigger Point – November, 1st
  • mood – November 7

The Trigger Point series.

The Trigger Point series.

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  • Three men and a bassinet – November, 1st
  • Nightmare Alley – November, 1st
  • Clockwork Orange – November 2
  • Dunes – November 3
  • Inspector Harry is the latest target – November 3
  • Love is better than life – November 4
  • John of Florette – November 4
  • The Secret of the Lost City – November 4
  • Year of the Dragon – November 5
  • If we sang – November 5
  • J.Edgar – November 6
  • Farewell Paris – November 6
  • Green Zone – November 7
  • See for me – November 7
  • La Cage aux Folles – November 8
  • Downton Abbey 2: A New Era – November 8
  • Belfast – November 8
  • Cunning – November 9
  • beautiful families – November 9
  • Full Metal Jacket – November 10
  • The North Sea – November 10
  • A long engagement Sunday – November 11th
  • Austin Powers – November 12
  • The King’s Man: First Mission – November 12
  • The Man in the Iron Mask – November 13
  • Zai Zai Zai – November 13
  • Power games – November 14
  • Code Emperor – November 14
  • In the air – November 15
  • Maigret – November 15
  • The Last Victim – November 15
  • A very discreet hero – November 16
  • Robust – November 16
  • State Scandal Investigation – November 16
  • terminator – November 17
  • Viruses: 32 – November 17
  • Death on the Nile – November 18
  • Lies and betrayals and more if affinities… – November 18
  • Madeleine Collins – November 18
  • Arthur Rambo – November 18
  • kung fu zohra – November 18
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