Canal+ news: series and films to watch in streaming in March 2023

Series The Englishavailable in March 2023 on Canal+ and the myCanal platform.

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Canal+ intends to stay in touch with the Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video streaming services. In March, there are therefore several new quality films and series that swell the catalog of the channel and its myCanal platform.

As usual, before listing the novelties, here are our favorites of the month.

What new Canal+ films and series in March 2023?

The Canal+ series of the month: The English

An aristocratic Englishwoman, Lady Cornelia Locke, arrives in the wild new landscape of the West to seek revenge on the man she believes is responsible for her son’s death. Released in March on Canal+ and the myCanal streaming platform.

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The Canal+ film of the month: War of the Worlds

Ray Ferrier is a divorced dockworker and far-from-perfect father, who now only has casual relationships with his 17-year-old son Robbie and 11-year-old daughter Rachel. A few minutes after his ex-wife and her husband gave him custody of the children, a powerful storm broke out. Ray then attends a spectacle that will change his life forever…

Released in 2005, War of the Worlds is undoubtedly one of the best adaptations of the famous novel by HG Wells, published in 1898. Steven Spielberg infuses all the anxieties of a father, but also of a post-September 11 America, and of its own ghosts (the Shoah is never far away) to weave a breathless and universal story around family and sacrifice. The film subtly manages its effects and its tension, and offers a brilliant modern reinterpretation of a timeless tale. Tom Cruise signs one of his last major acting roles. A masterpiece to see and see again without moderation. From March 24 on Canal+ and the myCanal platform.

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The following list will be updated over the weeks.


  • Blue, white, fast (documentary) – March 5
  • Vanda (on Polar+ via the TV+ option) – March 6
  • Empty your bag (documentary) – March 8
  • The New Explorers: culture & street (documentary) – March 9
  • Happy Valley – March 20
  • Air Cocaine (documentary) – March 22
  • The Water Scouts (documentary) – March 23
  • The English – during March

Julliette Armanet's Brûler le feu concert will be broadcast live and in prime time on Canal+.

Juliette Armanet’s concert Burn the fire will be broadcast live and in prime time on Canal+ on March 17.

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  • The Father – 1st of March
  • Between life and death – 1st of March
  • Energy Pathfinders (documentary) – March 2
  • tigerland – March 2
  • The Ghost Writer – 3rd of March
  • Old Furnaces 2: Good for Asylum – 3rd of March
  • Point Break: extreme limit – March 5
  • Thunder in the tropics – March 6
  • Babe, the pig in the city – March 7
  • See Paris again – March 7
  • nomadland – 8 March
  • The fall of the Black Falcon – March 9
  • Kompromat – March 10
  • philadelphia – March 10
  • Mental combat: the birth of a sport (documentary) – March 11
  • The Secret of Brokeback Mountain – 12th of March
  • They got married and had many children – March 13
  • Super 8 – March 14
  • Chronicle of a temporary liaison – March 14
  • Today’s Remains – March 15
  • Alexia cooks France (documentary) – March 16
  • Minority Report – March 16
  • Armageddon – March 17
  • Juliette Armanet: Burning the fire (live concert) – March 17
  • RogueAgent – March 18
  • Face to Face – A history of champions (documentary) – March 19
  • My wife is an actress – March 20
  • Kung Fu Panda – March 21st
  • Green Shutters – March 21st
  • 5th Set – March 22
  • Young and beautiful – March 23
  • War of the Worlds – March 24
  • Ducobu president! – March 24
  • Thor: Love and Thunder – March, 31st



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