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In July 2022, the Canal + group’s advertising agency launched a carbon label to inform brands about the environmental impact of advertising creations delivered by its creative entity, Canal Brand Factory.

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To help brands assess the environmental impact of their advertising, CANAL + Brand Solutions launched, in July 2022, a “carbon label” for all advertising creations offered by its creative entity, Canal Brand Factory. The media group thus hopes educate advertisers and their agencies, from the ideation phase, on the ecological impact that these advertising creations will generate if they are produced. Working since 2019 with the Ecoprod association, whose “ambition is to unite players in the audiovisual sector by engaging them in virtuous environmental practices”, the French audiovisual company intends to “respond to market challenges in terms of ecological transition”.

The carbon label classifies the different types of production with the associated carbon footprint. Inspired by the Nutri-Score, the letter A translates a very energy-efficient production (less than 1 ton of CO2) while the letter E expresses a very polluting production (more than 60 tons of CO2). The label is intended to enable creative teams to take the environmental factor into consideration, particularly when designing advertising. A step forward for the audiovisual group’s CSR commitment.

But, the group does not only intend to inform the brands. To encourage them to act, the Canal + Brand Factory teams have been trained with Ecoprod in eco-design and can give advice to brands during filming. Finally, advertisers have the possibility of compensating “the climatic impact of their operation, both on production and on media coverage, explains the group in a press release, through certified carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas reduction programs.

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