Calor Access Steam Pocket review: the steamer that bends over backwards

Convenience of use

The Calor Access Steam Pocket is undoubtedly the most compact steamer in our comparison at the moment. If his head is particularly imposing, it is no longer once folded down. Indeed, a control on the back of the device allows you to lower the upper part of the steamer and thus make it less imposing.

In the end the device measures only 17 x 12 x 10.5 cm. It is then very easy to carry it with you to perfect your outfits on the go. Its weight of 885 g is also perfect for not weighing down your luggage too much. Among the devices tested in our laboratory, only the SteamOne S-Travel tries to compete with the Calor template.

The French manufacturer announces a steam flow of 19 mg/min, when other models, such as the Calor Access Steam Care, reach 30 mg/min. This flow may then seem low, especially since the Access Steam Pocket does not have a heating soleplate. Without it, the condensation on the fabric is therefore likely to be higher and the steaming performance may be reduced.

To turn on the Calor Access Steam Pocket, a control is located at the foot of the device. A trigger takes its place at the level of the handle and is activated to release the steam. No possibility, however, to adjust the flow, unlike the Philips Series 8000 GC800, for example. The Calor steamer therefore delivers steam as it sees fit.

At the top, the power button flashes while warming up.

At the top, the power button flashes while warming up.

Finally, in order to ensure the smoothing of several garments, this steamer has a tank with a capacity of 120 ml which also acts as a base for the device. Its compact format therefore does not imply compromises at this level. The Philips Steam&Go Plus GC365 and the Calor Access Steam First have opted for a tank of only 70 ml, which obviously slows down the steaming session.
On the other hand, we regret that the tank of the Access Steam Pocket is not removable. You must therefore be equipped with a small pitcher or directly bring your device under the tap.

Editor's Rating: 3 out of 5

Smoothing efficiency

Calor announces an almost record heating time of 15 s. In practice, we finally have to wait 31 s to see the first bursts of steam. Calor therefore seems slightly too optimistic.

We are now evaluating the steam flow, estimated at 19 mg/min by the French manufacturer. Here again, our results are less and only reach 15.85 mg/min.

Heads or tails?

As we said before, the Calor Access Steam Pocket does not have a heating sole. Without it, of course, we pick up a low temperature via our thermal camera: on average, the steamer plate heats up to only 32.5°C; compared to 139.6°C for the Philips 8000 series GC800. The steamer may therefore be in difficulty with certain fabrics.

The Calor Access Steam Pocket seen by our thermal camera.

The Calor Access Steam Pocket seen by our thermal camera.

Jersey is the first fabric to be smoothed. Far from being a formality, the jersey is capricious and does not let itself be made; especially because of the elastane it contains. It therefore takes three Calor passages to obtain a properly smoothed fabric.

Jersey crinkle; pass 1; pass 3.

Jersey crinkle; pass 1; pass 3.

We hope for better results against poplin. Usually easy and quick to iron, this time the fabric is reticent. The mission is laborious and the three passages are mandatory to remove the folds.

Crinkle poplin; pass 1; pass 3.

Crinkle poplin; pass 1; pass 3.

The result is identical with jeans. If the fabric is known to mark the folds, they still end up disappearing after three passages.

wrinkled jeans; pass 1; pass 3.

wrinkled jeans; pass 1; pass 3.

Finally, the tests end with flax. Like the SteamOne S-Travel, the Calor struggles to make the fabric perfectly smooth. The device then multiplies the efforts to fulfill its mission and it finally needs four passages before obtaining a correct fabric.

Crumpled linen; pass 1; pass 4.

Crumpled linen; pass 1; pass 4.

Strong points

  • Very compact device thanks to its foldable head.

  • Large capacity tank.

  • Ease of use.

Weak points

  • No steam trigger lock.

  • No heated insole.

  • Non-removable tank.

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