California governor’s wife accuses Harvey Weinstein of rape

Jennifer Sible Newsom, the wife of the governor of California, who is a director of documentary films, accused Harvey Weinstein of rape, reported the Zadoekan press.

The politician’s half testified on Monday. According to her, she was raped by the former film producer in 2005. At that time, she was trying to build a career as an actress and producer.

Before the court in Los Angeles, the blonde told that she met Harvey Weinstein as part of a film festival in Toronto when she was 31 years old. Back then, she was still primarily performing in front of the camera, appearing in productions for both the small and big screen.

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Weeks after they met, Weinstein invited her to a 5-star Peninsula complex in Beverly Hills, California, which she accepted, believing it was a business meeting. She admitted to the court that, despite her assumption, she was surprised by the fact that she had to meet him in a hotel suite.

When she went to the meeting, it turned out that he was far from interested in discussing her film projects. Instead, he went to the bathroom, then called her to him and sexually assaulted her.

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I was scared. I hadn’t gone for itshe said through tears in court on Monday.

Jennifer Sible Newsom testified that Weinstein raped her.

The former film producer is currently serving a 23-year sentence for sex crimes in New York. He became the face of the #MeToo campaign five years ago. Now he must answer to the court in Los Angeles on 11 charges of rape and sexual assault. The man has pleaded not guilty. His lawyers said the sexual relations were voluntary and part of the “casting culture” in Hollywood.

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The wife of the California governor is one of the 4 women whose accusations became the basis of the case in Los Angeles.

At the time of the rape, Sible Newsom had not yet met her husband, Gavin Newsom. He did not know what had happened to his beloved until the period of the public accusations against Weinstein.

The lawyer of the accused, Mark Werksman, asked Sible Newsom why her husband accepted a donation for his campaign from her abuser, reports BTA. The filmmaker responded that Gavin Newsom returned the money donated by Weinstein after learning about the rape.

Jennifer with her husband Gavin Newsom

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