Cake presents a utility electric bike with monstrous autonomy

Cake Aik

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Putting professionals who ride a lot on bicycles to replace thermal vehicles comes up against several problems. If the policies carried out in certain city centers encourage many to trade vans and light commercial vehicles for more agile vehicles, certain brakes still remain. With his Åik, Cake seems to want to raise a good part of it.

The frame of this electric bike with its longtail accents is unique. It offers a large U-tube making it easier to step over and keeping the center of gravity low. Mounted on 20-inch wheels with a very wide profile, the Åik seems to tend towards a certain comfort for the user and his cargo. Nevertheless, the Finnish manufacturer opts for the rigidity and durability of an aluminum fork with the added comfort of a suspension found on some VAEs in this category.

Wide platforms that can be positioned at the rear and at the front offer a total carrying capacity of 80 kg. Nevertheless, the manufacturer indicates that the total weight of the machine – its driver and its cargo – should not exceed 200 kg. With a bike that alone exceeds 35 kg, this leaves a little room for maneuver all the same, without being particularly impressive.

The electric part seems to live up to the ambitions of Cake Åik. It relies in particular on a 250 W central motor, capable of developing 100 Nm of torque. For comparison, the Bosch Performance Cargo Line reaches 85 Nm, as does the Shimano EP8 Cargo. A promising couple to face both starts and climbs, even with a very loaded bike. Also interestingly, Cake opts for a belt drive and an Enviolo Extreme automatic gear hub. A system that allows a permanent adjustment of the transmission according to the force applied to the pedals, the speed and the cadence of pedaling. A way to no longer ask the question of going back to the right gear to start at a traffic light or to adapt to sluggish traffic.

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Another black point for the transition to cycling for professionals who ride a lot: autonomy. The Cake Åik goes quite far on this point by offering to combine between one and three 750 Wh batteries. The latter, removable, exchangeable and easily rechargeable, are placed behind the seat tube, for the first, and under the rear luggage rack, for the other two. This stack of batteries theoretically offers up to 360 km of autonomy. Another advantage, the manufacturer promises to recharge a battery to 100% in just 3 hours.

Safety is ensured in particular by Tektro HD-E740 hydraulic disc brakes. The latter offer jaws actuated by four pistons and biting 203 mm diameter discs. Theoretically, this system should be effective in stopping a loaded longtail bike. The pedals presented have the good idea of ​​being wide, flat and equipped with pins for a grip in any event. A central stand, ideal for stability during the loading phase, is included.

An electric cargo bike with so many advantages will be difficult to afford. The Cake Åik is indeed offered from 6470 € (a single battery, without luggage rack) and goes up to 9430 € with the two luggage racks and the two additional batteries.

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