By next year, Oppo will no longer provide charging pads with some of its smartphones

By next year, Oppo will no longer provide charging pads with some of its smartphones

During a press conference intended to present the Reno 8 and Reno 8 Pro, Oppo made a few statements, in particular concerning the fact that some of its smartphones will no longer be delivered with a charging block.

Like Apple, Samsung or more recently Xiaomi, Oppo has announced that charging blocks will no longer be delivered with some of its smartphones. A decision that should come into force next year.

The information comes directly from Billy Zhang, vice president of sales and services for Oppo. The latter explains that the company will begin to remove the blocks on certain ranges of phones. He specifies :

Suffice to say that the flagships of the company should continue to benefit from the chargers included in the box. A strategy that is the exact opposite of what the two precursors in this area, Apple and Samsung, are doing. It is therefore very likely that it is the entry level, or even the mid-range that suffers from this absence of a charging block.

The argument to remember in Zhang’s words is that each consumer in the process of renewing his smartphone will have to be in possession of a charger. Statements quite close to the justification offered by Samsung when stopping the presence of its chargers in the Galaxy S or some of the Galaxy A. Let us add all the same that the European Commission intends to force manufacturers to offer, as an option at least, selling packs without a charger to users.

The range of SuperVOOC chargers seems to have a bright future ahead of it for the moment, especially since Oppo is one of the manufacturers most focused on improving charging speeds. The firm is currently able to charge a smartphone with a block delivering a power well above 200 W. A technology which is however not yet marketed.