Bulgarians are Serbs, there is no Bulgarian language

During the debates in the Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Information in the Serbian Assembly /parliament, note ed./ the chairman of the Council for the Regulation of Electronic Media – REM /the analogue of the Bulgarian CEM, note ed./ Olivera Zekic used in her defense the arguments to his deputy Milorad Vukashinovic, who claims that Bulgarians are pure-blooded Serbs, handed over BGNES.

Opposition MPs in the Assembly accused Zekic and all members of REM of having violated the laws and the Constitution of the country by deciding to go on strike. At this point, in his defense, Zekić referred to his deputy Milorad Vukašinović.

Not long ago, in a television interview, he said the following: I personally am a supporter of the creation of new Balkan alliances under the auspices of Russia…The question of our access to the sea is of primary importance and reaching the port of Skadar, Albania. I ask the following rhetorical question – if only within our lifetime five nations were created by the Serbs and I will list them: the Croats arose on the basis of the genocide of the Serbs. Muslims, Bosnians, Montenegrins and Macedonians are constantly threatening us, including some Vojvodina nation. In a word, if in 50, 60 or 70 years we experienced five nations being created by the Serbs, then what happened in the distant past. No one has any idea how many nations arose from the Serbs. This is not a myth. This thing is known by everyone. There is no doubt that there was a prehistoric people who called themselves Serbian and from whom the Slavs, including the Bulgarians, came… They eat Shop salad, but they don’t know that it is Serbian.

In the same broadcast, Vukašinović pointed out that before the Balkan Wars, Serbia had a very clear cultural policy of what Macedonia should look like. “We had a Serbian high school in Thessaloniki. We had Serbian high schools all over the territory of Macedonia. We led a well-organized cultural policy that was hindered by the Ottomans and the Bulgarians, but our biggest opponent was the British. They were against Serbian unification.

The Serbian researcher from the BIRODI center Zoran Gavrilovic defined Milorad Vukashinovic’s positions as dangerous. According to him, this is an open call to change the borders of Serbia. “In its role as a geopolitician, this is a call to change the borders of Serbia and that it should be up to Skadar, up to the Adriatic Sea under the patronage of Russia. The statement that Bulgarians are Serbs is also quite problematic. This could be a Bulgarian barrier for Serbia, if one day it decides to interfere in the EU. And all these are positions of a person who holds a high public position, a member of the REM,” Gavrilović emphasized to a local publication.

BGNES reminds that Milorad Vukašinović was elected as a member of REM on May 20, 2021 by decision of the Assembly in Belgrade. He is the deputy chairman of this regulatory body. Vukašinović was born in Montenegro. For many years he worked for the state television in RTS-Novi Sad, and since 2017 he has been hosting his own television program on geopolitics. He is the author of several books with a frank Great Serbian focus, in which there are territorial claims to all neighboring countries.


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