Bulgarian mobsters attack a Spanish millionaire and friend of King Juan Carlos

A Bulgarian mafia group is behind the attack on the Spanish millionaire Maria Jose Alvarez, reported the Spanish television La Sexta.

The president of the company Eulen and a personal friend of the former King of Spain Juan Carlos (father of the current monarch Felipe) was attacked by men armed with pistols on Monday in Madrid. They tried to stop the car she was driving. In the car were Maria Jose Alvarez, the man with whom she lives and a driver, as according to Spanish publications it was the driver who saved her because he was armed. He fired at the attackers and they fled.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack on María José Alvarez, there were suspicions in the Spanish media that the attack was part of a family war for control of the Eulen company, a huge family holding company in Spain that has business interests from VIP security to environmental investments and healthcare and has annual profit over 280 million euros.

The attack was actually not part of a family war, but an attempt to steal the billionaire’s luxury Mercedes, which is worth more than 200,000 euros, investigators told La Sexta television.

The theft of luxury cars in Spain is the sphere of action of the Bulgarian mafia groups, although they rarely resort to such spectacular attacks, say investigators.

“Typically, Bulgarian mobsters steal cars when nobody is inside from garages or parking lots,” explains police spokesman Pablo Perez. As usual, Bulgarian mobsters use sophisticated electronic devices to open luxury cars and disable their protections, including geolocation devices.

In this case, however, the four men armed with pistols acted differently. They attacked the vehicle while it was full of people and tried to take it away from them.

María José Alvarez Mesquiris is the daughter of businessman and Eulen founder David Alvarez, who died on November 26, 2015 at the age of 88. She is currently the president of the holding, having controlled the majority of it through the Daval company since 2017.

María José Álvarez resorted to taking over the holding in this way, after a long family war over her father’s inheritance with his remaining children – Marta, Elvira, Juan Carlos, Emilio and Pablo Álvarez Mesquiris.

The fratricidal war begins while the patriarch is alive. Alvarez named Jesus David and María José as universal heirs to his fortune and kicked the other five out of control of Eulen, the giant company with cleaning, maintenance and ancillary services divisions.

At the end of the war, María José managed to gain control of the company with the help of her father’s third wife, Maite Esquisabel, the businessman’s former secretary.

It was because of this complicated relationship that the initial version of the attack on her was that it was part of the succession dispute.

María José Álvarez Mesquiris has always been closely associated with the province of León, where her father is from. David Álvazer was titled Marquis de Cremenes by the former King of Spain, Juan Carlos, shortly before the monarch’s abdication. She herself is a personal friend of the former King of Spain.


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