Bulgaria is in the Top 3 in terms of net electricity exports in Europe, ahead of Spain and France

The decline in France is also the reason for the big shift in the top places in terms of net electricity exports. After Sweden, Germany exports the most electricity and this is mainly to balance Central Europe, which cannot rely on French plants.

Its net exports were 15.4 TWh, which is double what the country exported in the second half of last year. A significant part of this electricity is produced by coal-fired power plants, which initially operated on natural gas, but due to its high price, in recent months they have returned to the old energy carrier.

Who exports how much

Another criterion by which Bulgaria ranks high is the export of electricity as a percentage of the country’s consumption – for the six months it is 33%. Only Bosnia has a better ratio in Europe with 35.5%. The average consumption of the country last year was 38 tWh, i.e. about 19-20 tWh for 6 months.

This indicator is of the greatest importance, as it does not compare exports in absolute values ​​between different countries (Germany, for example, has several times greater energy production than Bulgaria), but takes into account the percentage of countries’ consumption and production potential.

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