Bulgaria in the fourth urn in the draw for the qualifiers for Euro 2024 – BG Football – National Team

The Bulgarian national team has reached the fourth urn of the draw for the qualifiers for Euro 2024. The distribution of the teams became clear after the last round of the group stage of the League of Nations was played and the four finalists in the competition were determined.

The draw for the Euro 2024 qualifiers will take place on October 9 in Frankfurt, Germany.

53 UEFA member teams, excluding Russia, will take part in the draw, confirmed the European Football Headquarters.

Teams will be drawn into six pots, with teams ranked based on their Nations League standings. The four teams that reached the final play-offs will be placed in the “League of Nations” urn and placed in the first four groups, which will be made up of five teams each. They will play eight matches each in the qualifiers, while in all other groups the teams will play ten each.

Urn 1 will be occupied by the six teams with the best results from the group stage of the Nations League. The second to fifth urns will have 10 teams each. The sixth urn will be made up of the three weakest teams.

Here is the distribution of ballot boxes:

Urna League of Nations: Croatia, Italy, Netherlands, Spain

Urn 1: Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland

Pot 2: France, Austria, Czech Republic, England, Wales, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Scotland, Finland

Urn 3: Ukraine, Iceland, Norway, Slovenia, Ireland, Albania, Montenegro, Romania, Sweden, Armenia

Urn 4: Georgia, Greece, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Faroe Islands, North Macedonia

Pot 5: Slovakia, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Belarus, Lithuania, Gibraltar, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova, Malta

Urn 6: Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino

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