Bruno Fernandes was accused of being the worst teammate, he didn’t live up to it – England

Former Aston Villa player Gabriel Agbonlahor has slammed Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes, even declaring him the worst team-mate. The Portuguese did not remain silent and answered the former English international.

“Bruno Fernandes has good results, but he is the worst team-mate. Whenever he or another player loses the ball, raises his hands to his teammates or the bench. I played with players like him. Presses from time to time. If it was Pogba he would be criticized daily, he just always gets away with it.

It’s easy to talk about Maguire, Cristiano, Rashford or Sancho, but I can’t remember the last decent game of Bruno Fernandes. He just waves his hands. He can ambush you and charge you again, that’s the way he is,” Agbonlahor said.

“I’m not worried about what (Agbonlahor) said because I’m sure my teammates don’t feel that way. He’s never played with me and he doesn’t know what I’m like. I am reassured that two days ago a man called Juan Mata, who is a world champion, told me that I am one of the best people he has met in football and told me to keep being myself,” replied Bruno .

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