Bruce Willis has sold the rights to use his digital double in video productions

According to a publication in the Telegraph, Bruce Willis has sold the rights to his “digital double” for use in commercial video productions. The move allows the Hollywood actor to appear digitally in future commercials and possibly even films, and has already appeared in a Russian commercial using the technology.

Willis, who has been diagnosed with the disease aphasia, which “affects cognitive abilities”, announced that he would “retire” from acting earlier this year, BTA recalls. Instead, it will license its digital rights through a company called Deepcake. The company is incorporated as a corporation in Delaware.

Deepcake obtained Willis’ image by training a neural network model based on his 1990s action appearances. Once his appearance is known, the model can apply Willis’ head to another actor with a similar build in a process commonly referred to as a “deepfake”. In recent years, this has become popular on TikTok, with unauthorized “doppelgangers” of Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves amassing a large following.

Deepcake’s website reports Bruce Willis as saying, “I loved the precision of my character. It’s a great opportunity for me to go back in time. The neural network was trained on [съдържанието на] the films “Die Hard” and “The Fifth Element”, so my character is similar to the images of that time. With the advent of modern technology, I would be able to communicate, work and participate in filming even if I was on another continent. This is a completely new and interesting experience for me and I am grateful to our team.”

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