British military accused Prince Harry of betraying…

Former and current British soldiers have criticized Britain’s Prince Harry over revelations about the killings he carried out while serving in Afghanistan, accusing him of treason. This was reported by several British newspapers, quoted by

The Times quoted Colonel Tim Collins, who took part in the US and British invasion of Iraq in 2003, as saying that Prince Harry had received very bad advice and was naive in deciding to publish his recollections of the matter in his autobiography. book Spare (“Spare”).

“The Army has always accepted him as family, no matter what has happened before. Now he has betrayed that trust in exactly the same way he betrayed his own family,” Collins told the publication. “I think he’s completely naive. Without understanding what he was doing and what he had done. It needs someone to take it into their hands, but not someone to take it into their hands to make money,” adds Tim Collins, stressing that the UK has sent its troops to Afghanistan to to “protect the legitimate government and people of Afghanistan”, not to “kill people”.

Former Assistant Chief of Defense Staff Major General Jonathan Shaw also condemned Prince Harry’s revelations. “Soldiers don’t talk without reason about killing people. Harry’s comments break an unwritten rule. I suspect he was inspired by the greed of his PR team,” he told the Daily Mail.

Retired British Army Colonel Richard Kemp, who commanded troops in Afghanistan, warned that such statements by the Duke of Sussex could increase the risk of terrorist attacks on British civilians and military personnel. “His words will be used by Wahhabi propaganda to carry out attacks on the UK,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

In his book, Prince Harry, who served for 10 years, revealed that he killed 25 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, where he was the co-pilot of an Apache helicopter gunner. “For me, that number is 25. This number doesn’t make me proud, but it doesn’t bother me either,” wrote 38-year-old Prince Harry.

Britain’s Prince Harry’s revelations about the killings he carried out while serving in Afghanistan should be tried in court as crimes against humanity. This was stated on Friday by a high-ranking representative of the ruling Taliban movement in Afghanistan, Suhail Shaheen. “They were freedom fighters for their country and you were the invaders,” Shaheen said in an interview with Britain’s Sky News. “They were folk heroes and you were their enemy.” According to him, Prince Harry should answer to “a court that deals with crimes against humanity”.


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