Bring the referee back to football

Modern technology probably brings justice, but kills the most popular game

Hooray, the first surprise of the World Cup in Qatar. Saudi Arabia slammed none other than Argentina. And turned them over. But…

The match was not really Messi against the Arabs, but Messi against modern technology. Who are killing football.

At the World Cup in Qatar, after VAR has been on our nerves for years, a new system debuted. With cameras and sensors, it calculates the ambush down to the millimeter. And cancels defeat goals. The Argentines, for example, canceled three. To Ecuador in the opening game one. Like the poor Ecuadorians had a goal disallowed for a thumb in an ambush, not even half a foot. In Argentina, one of the disallowed goals was for an ambush on part of the shoulder.

Sorry, but this is not football. And after

matches become a game of bots,

it is quite normal that after every major championship in the stadiums the fans raise the posters Against Modern Football (No to modern football in loose translation).

Yes, probably the innovations can be protected, that finally justice reigns on the fields. But this fairness kills the game. A real ambush can now be called for an unironed T-shirt or a disheveled football player with his tip sticking out behind the last defender.

But this pretty much distorts the ambush principle that the attacker must have gained an unfair advantage. A thumb is simply not an advantage, not even half a foot.

It is true that before the introduction of technology it was the referee’s fault.

He did not see ambushes, he played penalties, which are not many penalties, he did not see the hand of God. But the referee is part of the game and he was getting his well-deserved “Judge, judge, judge p…s” from the stands. Even his mother understood that he was wrong. But

with such mistakes, legends like Diego Maradona were created

And none of the little fans know how much they missed out by never seeing Maradona play. Because in modern football, Don Diego would be naked, hungry and very careful not to be hit by the ball on the pitch.

And to have new Maradona, Ronaldo (the original and the copy from Portugal), Messi and Geoff Hurst, please bring back the referee p…..s. Real football is for men, not bots killing the game.


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