Breakthrough after years: “Vasco the Frog” is now on “Warner Music”

The hit single “Vasco the Frog” is already owned by one of the three largest music companies in the world – Warner Music.

The giant also released a remix of the track, which was recorded by Italian DJ Fabrizio Parisi and “The Editor”. Parisi himself has Bulgarian roots.

The song by the Kamchia Orchestra (“Combine Thresher”) attracted the interest of the giant after it became the most streamed in Bulgaria and one of the rapidly spreading tunes on “Tik-Tok”. The retro chalga climbed to the top of the charts in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, and recently gained popularity in Germany, Austria, Turkey, the Netherlands, even Sweden and Switzerland.

The remix reached “Warner Music” with the help of the Bulgarian licensee – “Orpheus Music”.

Fabrizio Parisi is one of the most popular Italian DJ artists in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The media recall that he has over 3,500 live concerts worldwide and 7 singles on MTV channels.

The official video of the remix of Parisi new label “Warner Music” SEE, which is described as “Warner’s channel for Eastern Europe and the Balkans – (Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia)”, but it seems that there has only 169 followers. The song was released on October 5, and so far (October 7, 2022, 10 am) it has been viewed by 61,996 people.

In “Spotify”, the remix bears the stamp of “Warner Music” Poland. There are 2 remixes there – Club with a length of 2.56 minutes and Extended with a length of 4.17 minutes.


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