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Valeri Bozhinov gave a very interesting interview to the Serbian radio B92. In it, the former national team, who played through a bunch of famous European teams, talks mostly about the draw for the qualifiers for Euro 2024. There, Bulgaria was drawn into a group with Serbia, another Balkan country – Montenegro, Lithuania and Hungary. Naturally, the Serbian Mladen Krstaic, who has already recorded 2 matches at the head of the “lions”, is also a touch in the interview.

– What do you think about the draw for Euro 2024, which brought Serbia and Bulgaria together in one group?

– I am very happy with the draw for two reasons. And they are that Bulgaria will play against Serbia and Montenegro. I have many friends in Belgrade, where I played, I love Partizan. However, I also respect Zvezda fans as much as my “undertaker”. In Montenegro, Mirko Vucinic is an assistant coach, and he is a friend of mine for a long time, from Lecce, where we played together. I am happy to see many old friends.

– How do you see Serbia?

– One of the best teams in Europe and has a serious chance to make a splash at the World Cup in Qatar. He deserves a lot of respect because of the players he has, their form, and Mr. Pixie (a.k.a. Dragan Stojkovic) who is a great coach. His handwriting is visible on the game. Serbia is the favorite in the group, but only on paper. The ranking will not be certain until the end. I would like Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria to go to the European, but that is impossible. But, God willing, Serbia and Bulgaria will qualify.

– What is your opinion about Krastaich as the coach of Bulgaria?

– Great, phenomenal. I have an excellent relationship with him. We talked before he came here to Bulgaria, we met. He told me: “Valerie, I can’t find the hot water”. He has an eye for young players, he showed it in Serbia and now in Bulgaria. It was not a problem for him to look for and call up players who had never been in the national team. Some don’t even play regularly in their clubs. However, Krstaic needed players who run and fight, who are compact and aggressive, who work in both phases of the game. Yes, it doesn’t have what Serbia has, but it has a lot of young players. He is looking for discipline and attitude towards the shirt with the coat of arms of Bulgaria.

– What recipe would you give him to stop Bulgaria offensive players like Aleksandar Mitrovic, Dusan Vlahovic, Dusan Tadic…?

– How are we going to stop them? With a sniper! It’s easy, you take the sniper and hit. Look, it will be an honor for my countrymen to go up against such players. If it depended on me – I would call a sniper, but it doesn’t depend. And now seriously – you go out and give your best. And what happened. Finally, you exchange the shirt with one of them and put it in the window at home.

– What will Serbia do at the World Cup in Qatar?

– I have no dilemma – semi-final! Yes, yes, that’s right – until the semi-finals. There is nothing strange. In my opinion, what Serbia shows, the attitude towards the shirt, the form of all the players… If everyone is healthy, with this energy, unity, compactness and discipline, I really see them in the semi-finals. I sincerely wish it, because the Serbian people deserve it too. With all my heart I will shout for Serbia.

– Sasha Ilyich?

– We talked a while ago. Sasha is a great gentleman. They played a few days ago against Ludogorets, lost 2:1. I watched the game, his CSKA was excellent but they lost and Sasha was very disappointed. He told me: “We threw ourselves for nothing, Valery, we played well, but we lost”. I tried to console him, this is how CSKA should play against the giants of Bulgarian football. He’ll be fine, look forward.

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