Boxing left a Russian president, the Olympic future of the sport is in question

Boxing has taken a decisive and seemingly suicidal step towards being dropped from the Olympic programme.

This happened after the refusal of new elections of the International Federation, whose president remains the Russian Umar Kremlov.

Yerevan is in an extraordinary congress, 106 delegates refused to hold elections for a new president, leaving the Russian in office, and this could cost boxing as a sport dearly.

The controversy surrounding Kremlov’s personality is not only because of his Russian citizenship, but also because of the way he was elected president in recent years. This happened at the beginning of the year in Istanbul, when his opponent Boris van der Forst was declared illegitimate, and in his role as the only candidate, Kremlov won the election.

However, Van Der Dorst appealed and won the case at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, which meant that there had to be a new presidential election in any case.

The position of some of the leading sports powers in the world, such as the USA, Great Britain and France, was similar, but with 106:36 votes, it was decided that there would be no elections and Kremlov kept his post.

The International Boxing Federation has already been excluded from holding the Olympic tournament in Paris in 2024. It is expected that these actions of the delegates will mean that from 2028 one of the traditional sports will finally drop from the Olympic program.

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