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Botev Plovdiv came out with an official position regarding the statements of the former executive director of the club, Daniel Serehido. The Spaniard, who left the “Canaries” in October last year, uses social networks to comment on current events around the Plovdiv club. The leadership of the “yellow-black” announced that they will no longer respond to his statements and are ready to seek protection of their interests through court proceedings.

“In connection with the frequent media appearances of the former executive director of PFC Botev – Daniel Serehido, we express our deep disappointment in his unprofessional behavior, which aims only to damage the good name and prestige of PFC Botev, to undermine the trust in the club management and reminded of the personality of Mr. Serehido We categorically do not accept this way of behavior and communication.

As of October 2021, Mr. Serehido is not part of the club’s management, is not aware of the club’s affairs and has no relation to the formation and decision-making process at the club. The opinions expressed by him are only the result of speculation. None of Mr. Serehido’s statements are based on objective facts, but are merely figments of his imagination.

PFC Botev does not wish to engage in a media dialogue with Mr. Serehido and will not comment on his statements regarding the club in the future. For the protection of all our rights and legitimate interests, the necessary actions provided for by the law will be taken, including by court order,” says the statement of the “yellow-blacks”, published on the club’s official website.

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