Botev Pd for BFS: Another manifestation of unsystematic management and inconsistency in actions – Botev Plovdiv

Botev Plovdiv came out with an official position after the decision of the Bulgarian Football Union to temporarily suspend the rights of five referees. The “Yellow-Blacks” recalled that they wanted an extraordinary meeting of Borislav Mihailov with all the clubs and wanted the meetings to be open.

Here is what the club wrote:

“The management of PFC Botev Plovdiv is convinced that yesterday’s decision of the BFS to dismiss a number of referees is another manifestation of lack of system in management and inconsistency in the actions of the management of Bulgarian football.

The punishments of several referees without any explanation are not able to solve a complex problem in the refereeing system, for which the chairman of the refereeing commission and the president of the BFS bear the main responsibility.

Botev Plovdiv recalls its unchanged position. We want clear explanations from the president of the BFS, we insist on an extraordinary meeting of the president of the BFS with the representatives of all clubs and a comprehensive solution to the problems.

We are sure that such meetings should be regular and open to all clubs.

Only an open constructive dialogue and joint actions of all clubs can change the situation in which Bulgarian football finds itself. It is time to take the next steps to change the current situation.

With respect,
The management of PFC Botev Plovdiv”

The SC suspended the rights of five judges on the order of Bobi Mihailov

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