Bosch Vita Serie 4 MMB6382M review: safety first

Convenience of use

Right out of the box, the Bosch Vita Serie 4 MMB6382M makes a very good impression thanks to its relatively large weight. Indeed, the engine block already weighs 2.33 kg and is completely covered with brushed aluminum. As noble as it is, this material nevertheless inevitably attracts fingerprints that the fussy user will have all the trouble in the world to eliminate.

Blender Vita Series 4

The Vita Serie 4 blender is supplied with a nomadic water bottle and a pusher.

The control panel on the front should not pose a problem of handling. The knob (plastic, too bad) is used to turn the device on or off, but also to modulate the speed of rotation of the blades. It is also very pleasant to use because of its well marked notches. Good point, there are many of them (we counted 12) and experienced users will be able to choose the mixing power with precision. Finally, note that the power range goes from 160 to 540 watts (with one liter of water in the bowl), which is very comfortable.

Those who would start in the world of blenders with the Vita Serie 4 are not totally released in nature. Indeed, just above the dial, there is a series of three buttons that will allow you to launch the three programs provided by Bosch: Clean, Smoothie, Ice Crush. Admittedly, nothing very original, but one is never lost.

Bosch Vita Serie 4

The control panel is not rocket science.

Under the engine block, four suction cups (very effective moreover) ensure the stability of the machine, even when the speed of rotation of the blades is very high. It doesn’t add much, but we appreciate the effort. Note that the cord storage is not placed under the engine block as is often the case, but between the fairing and the engine.

The bowl of the Vita Serie 4 is made of glass, which explains its rather substantial weight of almost 2 kg (1.95 kg exactly) when empty. You will of course have to add the weight of the preparation. But if the glass is heavier than plastic, it is also much more resistant to scratches. One of the great strengths of the container is to be lined with various and varied securities to avoid accidents. If everything is not in place, the engine will not start. The container must therefore be placed and clipped onto the engine block correctly, handle on the right; left-handers will be at their expense. In addition, the cover must also be locked in a very specific position, which can sometimes be complicated. Indeed, Bosch has chosen a double seal system (very effective by the way) which grips the glass walls, and you have to force a little to position everything correctly and start mixing. Note that a witness placed in the handle of the bowl indicates that everything is ready.

Blender Vita Series 4

In addition to this very reassuring bowl and a pestle, the box contains a nomadic tasting flask; just replace the blade block of the latter with a lid after mixing to take your drink with you without having to transfer the smoothie.

Editor's Rating: 5 out of 5

Mixing efficiency

Without being perfect, the mixing results of the Bosch Vita Serie 4 MMB6382M are excellent.

Indeed, at the end of the crushed ice program which lasts 20 seconds, there are still 120 grams of large pieces which are not pulverized. By applying our second protocol which requires ten pulses, the bowl only contains 30 g of uncrushed ice cubes. Another disappointment, the result obtained is more like snow than crushed ice that can be used in a cocktail.

Blender Vita Series 4

The blade of the Bosch Vita Serie 4 blender

The smoothie program is a little longer (45 s) and at the end of this time, the drink obtained is quite pleasant to drink, without pieces of fruit (apple cut in four and banana in pieces) or of ice likely to interfere with tasting. However, we still feel a little bits of apple skin under the tooth. Remember that we do not peel this fruit to be able to gauge the finesse of the mix.

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