Borimirov: We must grow and be an appetizing bite for large corporations – Levski

Borimirov: We must grow and be an appetizing bite for large corporations – Levski

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Levski, Daniel Borimirov, gave a special interview to Darik Radio and dsport.

“Given the matches we played in the spring part of the championship, I expected such a start to the season, because I see the work of the entire coaching team and the entire management. All this is not accidental, all this is purposeful and I am glad that things are working out and the club itself is on an upward trajectory.

Given the financial situation in the club, we prefer to take small steps, but steps that are constructive and that Levski stabilizes financially.

I think that the coaching team, especially Stanimir Stoilov, knows best how the team should perform in the rematch with Hamrun. I think that the players themselves realize how important the game is ahead. We have taken the first step and I think with the help of the audience we will take the next step to move forward.

We believe that European club tournaments can help the club financially and that’s why we have gone there. I think everyone at the club realizes that getting us through the groups would help financially.

At the moment, these are our options and we are going that way. Our young footballers must give their best in every training session in order to grow. The good thing is that there are some experienced footballers in the team who have international matches behind them and they are the people who have to lead the rest. Two thirds of the players have not played in European tournaments.

It is pleasing that all the people at the club with their work, especially Stanimir Stoilov’s team with the way he transformed the team, managed to bring our 12th player back to the stadium. I believe that with each passing day, week and month we should grow and be an appetizing bite for people and large corporations,” said Borimirov.

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