Borimirov: We are doing everything to start a decent Levski – Levski

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Levski, Daniel Borimirov, gave a special interview for Darik and dsport, in which he talked about the payment of the debts to the National Revenue Agency.

“Things are going well. There is more to be desired. Thanks to the supervision exercised by the supervisory board and the management board, Levski manages to pay his debts to the National Revenue Agency. This is our priority. We have to go in that direction. We are doing everything possible to start a new, neat Levski. Everything that Levski earns from commercial activity goes first to repaying the debts to the National Revenue Agency, the rest is in the background.

Fan support is very important. Thank you on behalf of the club to all the fans. This is a huge help. Serious liabilities have accumulated over the years. It is our responsibility to clean them up. You know the times we live in. It is hard.

I hope we attract more and more of our fans with the team’s play. Right now is a good time to be a tasty morsel for every advertiser and company,” said Borimirov.

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