Borimirov: Ignorance and inexperience brought Levski to this state, we are already breathing down Ludogorets’ neck – BG Football – efbet Liga

Borimirov: Ignorance and inexperience brought Levski to this state, we are already breathing down Ludogorets’ neck – BG Football – efbet Liga

The head of Levski’s Board of Directors – Daniel Borimirov, gave an interview for the program “Home of Football” on DIEMA SPORT. He talks about all the current topics related to the “blues”, as well as what are the reasons for the club to fall to this state.

“A very pleasant week for Levski and Levski supporters. I think we played a very good game. We saw a dominant Levski, which is the goal of the management. This is the way. I hope that Levski will play such matches in the future. We brought the audience back to the stadium with our game,” Borimirov began.

“It goes without saying that Stanimir Stoilov is one of the main culprits for what is happening in the team. We knew after the loss against Lokomotiv Sofia what awaits us next week. We approached this game seriously and we were all satisfied. We haven’t seen Levski so dominant over CSKA in a long time. The way Levski started the match, with a press from the first minute and CSKA not knowing how to get out of this situation, shows that we are on the right track. Our team is the youngest in Group A. Expect that there will always be mistakes. We have to minimize them”.

“The best mix is ​​between experienced and young players. The presence of Milanov and Popov is of great importance. They are the people who must give the confidence with their experience and example. They have to lead the team in the most difficult moments. The professionalism that you have accumulated over the years abroad, you try to implement it here, and that is only beneficial to you”.

“Playingly, we are not very far from Ludogorets. We showed it in the matches between us. Levski is breathing down Ludogorets’ neck. However, we have a certain number of football players. At this stage, we cannot afford the luxury of having 25-26 players like Ludogorets. We have the option of 14-15-16 players, which we rotate”, he continued.

“At CSKA, the mood is minor. I know how I experienced losses. Everyone appreciates that currently Levski is the better and more classy team, despite the money that is given to CSKA. I would not like to comment on CSKA. We look at our club. The number of Bulgarians in the derby always matters. “Every single Bulgarian knows what a derby between Levski and CSKA is”.

“Of course I’m angry that we didn’t win by more. This is exactly what we talked about after the match, that here was the opportunity for Levski to score many more goals. We had the opportunity, but it turned out that we need to work more on the finishing phase and be cool in front of the goal”.

“We have gathered such a team to succeed. We all stand behind Stanimir Stoilov. He, me and Sirakov have been through matches like this with Hamrun. We know how to lift the team. We saw that the team is rising and going in the right direction”.

“I know the reasons for what happened in recent years. If I start expressing an opinion, I will hurt the dignity of a lot of people, and I don’t want to do that. Intentionally? I would not say. Ignorance, inexperience. These are the reasons.”

“We will try to stop the hegemony of Ludogorets. First we want the club to stabilize financially, then we want to build. We have a budget that we are trying to stick to. We have about one million repaid contributions to the NRA. We are trying to be decent and this will not be allowed anymore. Obligations to coaches and players have been cleared,” he revealed.

“I don’t think that the dispute between Stanimir Stoilov and Konstantin Papazov broke the harmony in the club. Both are strong characters. I think that’s a thing of the past. Papazov submitted his resignation, but it can only be accepted at the General Assembly”.

“We will try to maintain this level, even upgrade. This is our goal. Time will tell if we succeed. Let’s first see what the functional status of the new football player is. Stanimir Stoilov knows him well, I hope he will help our team”.

“Levski currently needs a good central striker to score goals. The club is working in this direction – to attract a central striker in the winter”.

“Everyone at the club is working on attracting sponsors. I have had many meetings with serious people. You see the economic situation in the country. Most people want to wait to see if a normal government can be formed. At this stage, people are in a waiting position”, said Borimirov.

“First we have to dream that Levski will stabilize financially. After that, it doesn’t stop us from chasing a title and a cup. Over the years, this has always been a main goal in Levski. We had been lethargic for the past few years. The football players who came to Levski were not aware of what this club was playing for. This practice has stopped. We had to react very quickly with Ante Blažević, as we did not have a player in that position. Sometimes mistakes are made. With all the players we have taken so far, we have not made a mistake. I can’t say he’s a mistake, but things like that happen. I hope you will soon find out what his future will be.”

“A huge thank you, a bow to the “blue” community. Thank you for helping in these difficult times. I also thank the sponsor for being with us. I hope with work and the game that shows the team on the field, we can keep and increase the audience in our stadium. A good future awaits all “blue” fans”, concluded Borimirov.