Bontrager Starvos Wavecel review: a lightweight and protective cycling helmet

Design & Ergonomics

The Starvos is a model designed for the road above all. It has an aerodynamic line with large openings and is composed of a shell molded on a layer of expanded polystyrene. The exterior glossy appearance is quite sensitive to dirt, especially on the black version that we tested. Overall, the Starvos WaveCel benefits from excellent finishes.

The interior of the helmet is lined with the WaveCel structure which takes the form of a plastic mesh supposed to deform on impact, so as to limit the damage due to an impact to the head. In terms of comfort, the lightness of the helmet (335 g in size M) means that you almost forget it. At first glance, the little foam on board the Starvos could give rise to fears of discomfort; it is not so.

The adjustment of the helmet is done very simply using an occipital device which is tightened using a wheel. Since Bontrager helmets are available in many sizes, it is easy to find the model that perfectly suits each body type. Long hair can easily pass over the wheel, styled in a ponytail.

The chin strap is much more rudimentary. It fastens with a classic buckle, and Bontrager doesn’t offer foam to soften contact with the throat. However, this strap finds a position that remains quite comfortable, even during long outings.

Ventilation under the helmet is excellent. The large openings let the air pass through without any problem and the WaveCel technology means that there is only a small contact surface between the head and the helmet. Without blocking the smallest insects, the WaveCel weft also acts as a net preventing most small animals from visiting our hair.

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