Bono and his wife Ali – 40 years of love and friendship

U2’s Bono has opened up about his 40-year relationship with wife Ali Hewson and their secret to staying together for so long.

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During an interview at the New Yorker festival on Friday with journalist David Remnick, Bono, 62, delved into stories about his soon-to-be-released book: Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story, at The Society for Ethical Culture ” in New York. He was asked how he managed to keep his 40-year marriage with his wife healthy, People reports.

They met when they were 12 years old at Mount Temple Secondary School.

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Sometimes friendship can overtake romantic love. And friendship is what Ali and I have. When you have romantic love and friendship, it is truly something special” said the frontman of the Irish band.

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Bono noted that this does not mean that every day is “wonderful”, as the title of one of their tracks states. They are the parents of four children – Jordan, 33, Eve, 31, Elijah, 23, and John, 21.

Whenever one of us gets lost, the other is there to bring him back home. And I’m so grateful.” Bono said. “And 40 years is a powerful number for me. It’s a powerful number for Ali, too. It was great when we hit 40 years together and said, ‘Well, let’s not screw things up now,'” smiles Bono.

Bono also talks about the longevity he and his U2 bandmates have as a band, a topic he explores in an upcoming book featuring 40 chapters, each named after a U2 song title.

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During his conversation with Remnick, he explained his reasoning behind splitting the finances equally between the band’s four members – Bono, Dave “Edge” Evans, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. He called their decision to do so “the best thing ever.”

Our songs are what they are because of all of us. Our manager was saying, “You know, it’s not musical differences that break up most bands. It’s the money. Get this right.”

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