BMW could use the same 4680 batteries as Tesla

While Tesla’s 4680 electric cells are being produced more and more massively, other manufacturers could also use them, such as BMW.

If we are to believe Electrek’s informationBMW is preparing to adopt the same format of 4680 batteries as Tesla, by obtaining supplies from EVE which – precisely – is seeking to work with the American manufacturer.

The 4680 cylindrical cells (which measure 46 x 80 mm) are the largest used in electric vehicle batteries to date and have been assembled by Tesla since 2020 in their latest version.

If Tesla produces 4680 cells itself, in particular within its Texan Gigafactory, Elon Musk’s company encourages other battery manufacturers to adopt this format, promising to buy the stocks produced. Heavyweights in the battery industry then got involved, from LG to Panasonic to China’s EVE, which also aroused the interest of other car manufacturers such as BMW.

Announcements planned for September

This information is also reported by Reuters, which indicates that EVE Energy Co Ltd will “to supply BMW with large cylindrical batteries for the production of electric cars in Europe and China”. The agency adds that two sources within the German manufacturer have confirmed the company’s desire to follow Tesla in adopting this battery technology.

Directly questioned, BMW did not wish to comment and was content to point out that announcements concerning the batteries would be made in September. As for EVE, the company plans to open a huge new battery factory in central China.

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