Blizwheel E-Scooter: an electric scooter that fits in a backpack

Blizwheel E-Scooter

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If the small world of the electric scooter seems to have been vegetating for some time, the big novelties being absent, some continue to seek the right formula. Blizwheel unveiled its solution in 2021, with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for a lightweight yet compact electric scooter. A machine capable of slipping into a backpack, and whose first deliveries are imminent.

The E-Scooter has two motors housed in the wheels, each still displaying between 200 and 300 W of power depending on the version. Power is supplied by two batteries with a capacity of 180 to 289 Wh. The brand promises a range of 13 to 24 km, which should translate into fairly low values ​​in reality. This electric scooter is intended for short journeys in addition to another means of transport.

The big advantage of the Blizwheel E-Scooter therefore lies in its ability to be small. Once folded, it only occupies a volume of 40 x 16 x 10 cm. Enough to slip into a fairly large backpack or at least be discreet under a seat in the metro or on the bus. However, it should be noted that the lightest of the brand’s electric scooters weighs 3.5 kg, while the heaviest reaches 5.4 kg. Featherweights compared to the market, even if it does not go unnoticed in a bag. Blizwheel has also thought of an intermediate position, where only the deck folds up, so that the assembly adopts a “cane” position, convenient to maneuver in transport.

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Inevitably, such a compact format is not achieved without some concessions. The basic E-Scooter can go up to 19 km/h, the Pro version can climb to 24 km/h. We strongly question the comfort and handling of this scooter with tiny wheels. Wheels that may not filter out a lot of vibrations and will be unable to overcome small obstacles. However, Blizwheel offers a suspension system that is done in the center of the deck, where the hinge allows the machine to be folded in half. The manufacturer claims to offer comfort similar to that of a traditional model. We remain skeptical of this assertion.

The Blizwheel E-Scooter incorporates most of the essential elements such as headlights in the front – to be seen more than to see -, a screen displaying speed, battery capacity and distance traveled or even a brake. The latter is on the other hand mechanical and is activated by the foot to come to stop the scooter by friction on the rear wheel. Not the most efficient system. You also have to deal with a narrow and fairly short deck: it is better not to have too big feet.

Blizwheel offers three electric models: the Standard sold for €360, the E-Scooter Air Special at €455 and the E-Scooter Pro at €474. Rather attractive prices given the singular promise of this scooter. However, these prices are only valid for the crowdfunding period on Indiegogo, and should be 30 to 40% higher once the production phase is well underway.

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