Blagoi Georgiev frankly about his relationships and the love of his life

With a brand new look and packaging, on September 18 (Sunday) at 12:30 p.m., the new season of the beloved program “Wanted” begins, which for 14 years has presented viewers with the most exciting stories of famous people in memorable and emotional personal confessions on air on bTV.

The Sunday talk show will once again bet on its unique style and conducive environment in its cozy studio, and the new season will be opened by football player Blagoi Georgiev.

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For the first time outside of his publicity, viewers will see the athlete in the light of father, son, husband and friend. The charming presenters Nelly and Megi will meet him with his parents – Zoro and Rumyana, who will talk about their attitude towards the women in their son’s life. The two will admit that they managed to maintain a wonderful relationship with Hristina, from whom their heir has two grown-up children, to this day.

Zoro and Rumyana will also reveal that their relationship with Zlatka was quite strained and they did not keep in touch for a year, but they really like his current wife Polly. About the childhood, about the difficulties, about the lies in the media – Georgiev’s mother and father talk for the first time in “Wanted”.

Photo: bTV

The former international’s new love – his wife Polina – will admit that they fell in love almost immediately, lived together and decided to get married.

I don’t want to remember the bad times in my relationships. I have a person I love by my side and I am happy“, the former football player will tell Maggie and Nelly.

More from Blagoi Georgiev’s personal world – this Sunday (September 18) in “Wanted” from 12:30 p.m. on bTV!

Photo: bTV

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