Black Friday and Cybermonday Dell: it’s also for the pros!

Why should SMEs not have the right to claim to make good deals when it comes to renewing their servers? On the occasion of Black Friday, this high mass of consumer consumption, Dell is positioning itself as a creator of opportunities. Overview.

Data security, data availability, reliability of access to information. Such are the three pillars on which the productivity and performance of an SME are based in a globally digitalized world. These challenges, common to those of ETIs or large accounts, can be a headache for SMEs that do not always have the technical, financial and human resources to equip themselves with the most appropriate solutions. So when it’s time for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, you have to be able to seize opportunities to renew IT equipment at the best price.

Every year, DELL offers special operations which allow professionals to make good deals and accelerate their digital transformation, this time benefiting from a 10% discount on a selection of servers…

When you are looking to master the backup of your data or your business applications, you needa server that combines both performance and versatility, while remaining financially affordable. Before looking at the technical specifications strictly speaking, you must define the format of the server: tower or rack, it’s up to you!

If you don’t have a dedicated room to host your server, and you only need one or two machines, the tower server, which looks just like the central unit of a computer of office, will be perfectly adapted. The rack server, meanwhile, will take place in a dedicated cabinet, which can accommodate several servers of the same format. Dell’s end-of-year special offers include both server formats: PowerEdge tower servers (T150 and T550) and the PowerEdge rack server R350.

The Dell PowerEdge R350 rackmount server is the perfect answer to business productivity needs.

© Dell

Beyond the format, the technical specifications…

PowerEdge T150 and T550 tower servers deliver the performance, versatility and quiet operation which are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as remote offices. The R350 rack server, on the other hand, offers a balance between performance and storage capacity.

With the Dell PowerEdge T150you find a processor Intel Pentium G6405T8 GB of Ram and a 1 TB hard drive… Presented as an entry-level modelit remains an excellent compromise between adaptability and price.

If you are looking for a rack server, you can go to the Dell PowerEdge R350 which benefits from the performance of its processor Intel Xeon E-2300associated with 16 GB of memory and a 2 TB hard drive. Offering increased performance, it is designed as a promise of enhanced productivity for applications using large volumes of data.

Interior image of Dell PowerEdge T550 tower server with Intel Xeon Scalable processor

Dell PowerEdge T550 server is processor optimized Intel Xeon Scalable 3rd generation which gives it great performance.

© Dell

Finally, with its exceptional acoustic characteristics, the Dell PowerEdge T550 will take place directly with your teams and will offer you a very high level of performance for processing large volumes of data. Its advantage: its processor Intel Xeon Scalable of 3e generation, and the integration of advanced technologies such as accelerators for processing large volumes of data.

Between size, performance, reliability and cost control, discover the offers that Dell has designed especially for you and (finally) meet your requirements for agility, performance and versatility!

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