Black clouds over the “Old Lady”, there was talk of being thrown out by the elite

Juventus could be relegated to Serie B for the second time in the new century, having already done so once in 2006. Then the Turin giant was sent to the second division because of the huge “Calciopoli” scandal, related to corruption and manipulation of matches by sending “convenient” referees to specific matches.

Now, however, the situation for the “Old Lady” is even more difficult, and this was announced by the sports law expert – lawyer Mattia Grassani. According to him, the current investigation is even more serious than the one in 2006.

As is known, Juventus is again being investigated by the authorities in Italy, and this time the reason for this is a number of financial irregularities – starting from the fact that the players received salaries that were different from what was written in their contracts and reaching accusations of manipulation of the stock market as well as false accounting.

“This is the most serious investigation that Juventus has been subjected to. The illegal activities cover the rules of the stock market as well as corporate and sporting rules. This is unprecedented. Juventus risk not just a fine, but by law possible expulsion from Serie A “A,” announced Grasani, quoted by “La Repubblica”.

As a result of the events of recent weeks, Andrea Agnelli resigned as president of the club, along with the entire board of directors. Prosecutors have already requested that all of the club’s senior management be charged and brought to trial.

Agnelli faces up to 12 years in prison, and it is still unclear what will happen to the remaining 11 people on the board of directors.

Serie A president Lorenzo Cazzini declined to comment on the matter in detail, citing the ongoing investigation.

Juve’s headaches don’t stop there, with UEFA also targeting the club for breaching financial fair play.

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