Binoto’s departure was inevitable. It even lasted longer than I expected

Matthias Binoto and Toto Wolff; photo: Spas Genev

Leaving the Matthias Binoto from Ferrari was inevitable according to Toto Wolff. The boss of Mercedes in Formula 1 commented on the resignation of the engineer who still leads the team from Maranello in the Beyond the grid podcast.

“Mattia and I have had some clashes… It’s no secret. But in 2022, our relationship was far better. It was always clear that he was under enormous pressure,” shared the Austrian.

“If you’re a Ferrari team boss, you’d better negotiate good terms for leaving. And now perhaps the inevitable has happened. But he held on longer than I thought he would,” Wolff added

“The man who represents Ferrari represents the whole country (Italy – b.a.). And they all bully you. Brutal at that. So yes, the Ferrari boss is certainly under more pressure (compared to other team principals). And an Italian even more so, because a foreigner simply does not read the news. But an Italian is just like at the front.”

According to Wolf, Binoto will have no problem finding a place in another team. The most persistent are the rumors about Audi, but at least four teams have reportedly contacted him.

“Our whole community is niche – the sport, the rules, the governing body, the commercial rights holder, the participants, they’re all virtually locked in the ‘cage’ of the paddock,” continued Wolff

“You have to be politically astute. The whole environment is extremely specialized and the more you know about the sport the better. But one doesn’t want to have just one trick. You can be a good race manager and not understand anything about the commercial relationships of the world.”

“And anyone who says they wouldn’t be intrigued by the possibility of being head of Ferrari in Formula 1 is simply lying. I had to pinch myself when Daimler gave me the opportunity to become a managing partner and shareholder (in Mercedes F1). That’s one of the things I’m incredibly proud of. But if Ferrari had appeared then and offered me a position, I would have reacted like that again,” said Wolff.

Ferrari said at the official announcement of Binotto’s resignation that they are looking for someone to replace him. According to various reports, this could become clear either by Christmas or by the New Year. It continues to be argued that Frédéric Vasseur has the best chance for the post. However, the name of Andreas Seidl is still mentioned.

“I have no idea where these rumors are coming from,” commented McLaren Racing CEO Zach Brown

The American manager added that he was not aware of the internal workings of Ferrari, but personally he thought Binoto had done quite well.

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