Biird Namii clitoral stimulator test: charm, softness and shyness

The extremely soft and plush coating of the Namii comes into its own during use. The materials of the clitoral stimulator inspire confidence and immediately make you want to go further.

And the Namii adapts. As soon as its mouth is positioned on the clitoris, the sex toy can be upside down as well as upside down. We still recommend placing the curved, ribbed and vibrating part at the entrance to the vagina – a configuration that prevents penetration, which is almost impossible in all cases with this sex toy. Indeed, the Namii’s plump stimulation head leaves little room for a guest.

The mouth of the sex toy offers an opening of 1.2 cm in diameter; slightly wider than that of the Lelo Enigma, which offers a 1.1 cm diameter hole. And as with the latter, you have to aim straight with the Biird Namii, especially since the fleshy curves of the sex toy take up space. It is then necessary to start again several times before succeeding in installing it correctly, and this, even during the act. The sensations felt suffer. Damage.

What a pleasure on the other hand to use it without hands. And yes, once the head is stuck between the thighs, the Biird does not move from one wing. We are then free to move, to better take care of our partner or ourselves.

We had doubts about the two stimulator controls, which were particularly small and not very explicit. Once in action, it’s easier than it looks. The control on the orifice side activates the suctions, while the one on the ribbed side activates the vibrations. The possibility of activating one or the other functionality is also very significant.

The Biird therefore actually provides a double stimulation: one by suction of the clitoris, the other by vibrations. With its three speeds and two vibration modes and five suction intensities, we are far from what competitors like the Womanizer Classic 2 or even the Satisfyer Pro 2 offer. And it shows.

Perhaps too shy, it lacks a few levels of suction intensity to appeal to a greater number. The sensations are pleasant, but sometimes difficult to perceive; as such, it is one of the softest sex toys that we have been able to test. However, to spice up foreplay with your partner or for people with a sensitive clitoris, it is more than enough. For the others, you will surely very quickly increase in power, until you reach the last intensity.

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