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The German national team has to leave the World Cup in Qatar. That is why Bild, the most widely circulated newspaper in the country, calls. The first match of the Bundesliga is today at 15:00 against Japan.

The publication believes that this is the only correct approach to resist FIFA, which has banned the captains of seven national teams from wearing the “One Love” ribbon, supporting sexual minorities. “Bild” announced that the decision of the German Football Association to accept FIFA’s order is shameful and unacceptable.

“We are ashamed of you! Our country owes many special moments to the national team. From the miracle in Bern in 1954, the title won after reunification in 1990, the historic 7-1 win against Brazil in 2014… But in history, November 21, 2022 will be remembered as a day of shame. The day when the German Football Association and the national team lost confidence,” the publication wrote.


“FIFA threatens sanctions if Manuel Neuer wears ‘One Love’ armband against Japan. Of course, this behavior of FIFA is scandalous, but they should be told: So what? Show Neuer a yellow card and a red if you want, remove him, take the points from us, send us home… The only correct reaction to FIFA is to show them character – to leave the World Cup,” adds “Bild”.

At the same time, the German Football Association plans to take the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, local media reported. The German football headquarters have already contacted lawyers to explore the possibility of filing a lawsuit, as FIFA does not have the right to impose a sporting penalty for such punishments.

The aim of the case is to block FIFA’s intention to impose sanctions and Manuel Neuer to use the tape in Germany’s next matches at the 2022 World Cup. If the Court of Arbitration for Sport accepts Germany’s appeal, the case will not be heard until after the World Cup and FIFA will have no way to impose sanctions in consequence.

“FIFA banned us from displaying the symbol of diversity and human rights. He also threatened us with major sports penalties, but did not specify exactly what they were. We check that the organization’s behavior is according to the rules. We don’t want our captain Manuel Neuer to suffer for wearing the strip, but we cannot accept accusations that we have bowed to FIFA pressure. In effect, it is a show of force. A clear threat that we will take seriously,” commented the German Football Association.

“It feels very much like censorship. This is no longer about sports. The armband may be taken away from us, but the values ​​we carry remain and we will continue to express them”, commented the director of the German national teams, Oliver Bierhoff.

“With the tape ‘One Love’ we wanted to set an example. FIFA stopped us and threatened us with punishments. I can tell the team is shocked by the decision. A yellow card as a penalty would not have been a problem, but the way we were forced is the reason for the decision of the national federations. It’s a shame that you can’t protect human rights,” added Bundesliga coach Hanzi Flick.

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