BH Core Cross: a hybrid electric bike that has it under the pedal

BH Core Cross

Introductory price 2899 €

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Electric bikes continue to play with appearances and hybrid fashion is in full swing. These VAE which rely on the discretion of their assistance, their lightness and their dynamism are indeed popular with manufacturers. The Spaniards of BH thus offer a Core Cross at the crossroads of the muscular bike and the electric.

However, many hybrids opt for engines with low torque, mainly for the sake of lightness. The Core Cross for its part embeds the house 2EXMAGII, used by none other than the very good iLynx Trail, VTTAE that we recently were able to try. This motorization takes place at the level of the pedals and stands out for its compactness and its lightness (2.1 kg only) for a torque which still reaches 65 Nm. What promises beautiful things, especially in the ribs or at the start.

Well hidden in a frame with nice lines, the battery has a capacity of 540 Wh. A size again rather unusual in the hybrid VAE segment, which rarely exceeds 360 Wh. This promises a very comfortable range, especially since the BH Core Cross calls for driving beyond the capabilities of its assistance, cut at 25 km/h. A sportiness which, once is not customary on the current bicycle market, is not hindered by the choice of transmission. Here, the transition between the 10 speeds is ensured by a Shimano Deore group, in line with the desires of the Iberian bike.

A roller at heart

This rolling profile is reinforced by the choice of a closed frame and a rigid fork. Comfort should be felt with minimal vibration filtration. With this in mind, the tires will be at the forefront. According to the brand’s website, 28-inch Schwalbe Marathon Plus Performance tires are on the program, with a section of only 1.5 inches. This width promotes performance, but not really comfort. However, the images offered by BH show a Core Cross mounted on Schwalbe Big Apple, much wider and with a larger air volume for better cushioning. This choice would probably be the most balanced.

Wider tires will also help when it comes to braking, where the Core Cross leverages a pair of Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes (180mm rotors). The equipment for use in the city and in the context of home-work journeys is rather complete. The BH Core Cross has a pair of mudguards, an Axa frame lock, a luggage rack, a kickstand, a chain guard and Busch&Müller lighting.

For such equipment, BH remained rather wise when setting the selling price of its Core Cross. The electric bike is launched at 2899 €. A fairly fair price in terms of urban equipment, components and the electrical part of this VAE.

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