BFS was outraged by the position of Levski – BG football

The Bulgarian Football Union issued an official response to Levski’s position, in which the “blues” requested an extraordinary Congress in 2023.

Here is what the BFS wrote:

“The leadership of the Bulgarian Football Union expresses its indignation at today’s position of PFC Levski.

We categorically oppose slander and manipulative suggestions devoid of any specifics. Such accusations can only be characterized as a convenient way to transfer the problems from the sick to the healthy head.
Football clubs cannot expect the federation to solve all their cases, be they sports-technical, legal or financial.

The Bulgarian Football Union will not allow any club, regardless of its name and history, to set ultimatum and unsubstantiated demands. PFC “Levski” and its expert managers should be aware of the procedures described in the Statute of the BFS, as well as the undeniable fact that the “vicious circle” of lawsuits and appeals is not the fault of the legitimately elected leadership of the BFS, but exactly the opposite.

At the General Assembly half a year ago, PFC “Levski” voted for the adoption of a long-term strategy, which BFS successfully implements, which is why we consider today’s position of the club to be unacceptable and even unworthy.”

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