BFS boss: There is a danger of bankruptcy in Bulgarian football – BG Football – efbet Liga

Gambling law changes could deprive football of funds. This is what Hristo Zapryanov, deputy chairman of the BFS, warned about in the program “Hello, Bulgaria” on NOVA.

“The proposal that can be submitted intends to ban inscriptions in the stadium, logos on football players’ jerseys, which was proposed years ago by Valeri Simeonov’s law. Therefore, even now, sports are worried that such amendments will not be implemented. And football relies on sponsorship. The main investors in football are the betting companies, with whom most of the clubs have partnership relations. We have drawn attention many times to the fact that there are no tax breaks for those who invest in the sport. Therefore, if the bookmakers withdraw, it means bankruptcy to many clubs.

Football relies on the thought of the people’s representatives and to make a reasonable decision. Such proposals would be disastrous. And the funds from the betting companies are significant. It is difficult for such a large-scale business to self-regulate,” Zapryanov is convinced.

He also gave an example of the situation in other countries.

“Many FIFA and UEFA competitions have betting sponsors. In England, three out of four championships bear the name of a bookmaker. 14 championships in Europe are named after betting companies,” Zapryanov explained.

The head of the BFS believes that some regulation can be introduced. According to him, a big problem is that the investment in sports is not recognized as an investment and this repels sponsorships from other spheres.

What else did Hristo Zapryanov say on the subject – watch in the video

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