Beware of splashes with Thermomix multifunction robots

Vorwerk has announced that the measuring cap of its Thermomix multifunction robots could, in certain very specific cases, lack tightness. Users are therefore invited to follow a few simple rules to avoid this phenomenon.

Owners of a Thermomix TM5 or TM6, pay attention to its measuring cap. Vorwerk, the parent company of Thermomix, recently published a press release in which it warns that the measuring cap present in the center of the lid which closes the bowl could, under certain very specific conditions, lack tightness and allow hot preparations to escape. in a “sudden and uncontrolled overflow”. This incident can occur when the food is heated, thus leading to potential risks of burns.

For there to be splashes, many factors must come together. Indeed, only certain very specific recipes are concerned, but the press release does not indicate which ones. The manufacturer specifies that a software update brings an information message when one of the preparations concerned is selected – the device must still be connected. In addition, some unmixed foods must block the holes through which the steam escapes. Finally, failure to respect the maximum quantity of preparation in the bowl increases the probability of an accident.

Last precision, the measuring cup of the TM6 can be adapted to older devices (TM5 in mind), the incident can also occur with these models.

A Simple, But Bulky Remedy

For now, there is no question of replacing the incriminated dosing caps. To overcome the problem, the manufacturer recommends installing the steam basket instead of the measuring cap when preparing the recipes concerned. A precaution to also take when cooking or simmering requires a temperature of 95°C or more.

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