Betrayal or just business: Cristiano Ronaldo takes on his own country Portugal – World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo will play two and a half years in Saudi Arabia for Al Nasser and then be the country’s ambassador for winning the 2030 World Cup. This effectively means that Cristiano will face his home country Portugal as well as Spain who are looking to host this football event.

In 2026, the World Cup will be held in the USA, Canada and Mexico, and FIFA is yet to determine where the big football forum will take place in 2030.

Egypt, Greece and Saudi Arabia are preparing a joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup finals, and Cristiano Ronaldo will be an ambassador for the bid.

The three countries will invest heavily in the development of infrastructure and sports facilities and will surely be ready for this event. By 2030, the kingdom has the ambition to have the best football stadiums and fan zones in the world.

Spain and Portugal have already announced their joint bid for the 2030 World Cup, recently adding Ukraine as a gesture to the country, which is embroiled in a war with Ukraine.

The other candidacy, which at this moment has been declared to host the 2030 World Cup, is that of the South American countries – Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay.

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