Beloved actor and star jury in the culinary reality show “MEAL OF THE YEAR” on Soul&PepperTV

He is known from both the small and the big screen. We’ve listened to it on tape and on the radio. Beyond theater and television art, he is above all a connoisseur of good taste, an esthete and a gentleman. He is Kamen Vodenicharov and takes the role of host of the culinary competition “Dish of the Year”.

We remind you that “Dish of the Year” is the first Bulgarian culinary format and is for an author’s interpretation of a recipe. Professional and amateur chefs who have a proposal worthy of the “Dish of the Year” award can apply.

The members of the star jury have the important and delicious task of distinguishing the best dish. They are eminent professionals in their field. They are connoisseurs of refined taste and some of them are boutique chefs.

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ELENA PETRELIYSKA – an innovator, an experimenter in the kitchen and a person with endless imagination. She is a qualified chef, Oxford qualified nutritionist and TV presenter. He is the author of culinary books and articles.

RENÉ AND JUN YOSHIDA – foodies by love and profession. Tasted of the culture of the farthest corners of the earth and known for their Funkooks blog. The two skilfully combine products from all over the world and believe that anyone can learn to cook.

IVAN TODOROV – creator of Wness, Soul&PepperTV and producer of “Dish of the Year”. He has over 20 years of television experience at the highest level. He is also an avid amateur cook, ready to experiment with all kinds of flavors and recipes.

Kamen Vodenicharov

Photo: Soul&PepperTV

According to strictly defined culinary criteria, the members of the jury discuss and evaluate the candidates in the competition. Only 15 of the contestants will move forward with their dish. And everyone’s goal is the same – to grab the “Dish of the Year” prize and win the prizes.

Photo: Soul&PepperTV

The production announced that the shooting of the reality format is in full swing. The show is filmed in the Rose Valley. The unique medieval atmosphere of the Chateau Kopsa hotel and winery was chosen for the decor. Contenders present their dishes under designer crystal chandeliers, among antique decorations and furniture in solid oak, green and black marble all the way from Zimbabwe. For the presentations and specialties, the participants who continue in the competition will be able to use superior, aromatic and aleable wines directly from the cellar of the Minkovi family.

Photo: Soul&PepperTV

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