Beauty, charm, sex appeal – Teodora Jehverovic – efbet’s not-so-secret weapon

The video entitled “Bonus are important!” continues to circulate in the media with the participation of the well-known to the Bulgarian audience – the singer Krisko and the football player Ivaylo Chochev, together with their beautiful partner in the advertisement. Her name is Teodora Jehverovic – one of the most popular singers in Serbia, who in a short time became an icon of the scene in our western neighbor. With millions of followers on social networks, Teodora draws attention to herself with a beautiful voice, exquisite looks and a magnetic aura. And it is no coincidence that efbet has partnered with the beauty for the successful implementation of the company’s projects not only in Bulgaria, but also in Serbia.

Who is Teodora Jehverovic?

The 25-year-old singer first appeared on the stage in 2014 in the show “Zvezde Grande”, falling in love with the scene. For some time he was part of the group “Đavolice”, but in 2016 he turned his attention to a solo career.

Her first single was “U četiri oka”, and in 2017 she gained the greatest popularity with her participation in the debut season of the show “Zadruga”. On the crest of popularity then, she managed to build an exceptional career in the following 4 years. Her debut album “Borbena” became an absolute hit on the music market in Serbia in 2019. Among her most popular collaborations on stage are songs with MC Stojan, Emina Jahovic, Kobe and many others.

Her great songs and killer looks make her the 5th woman to cross 1 million Instagram followers. The year 2022 was extremely successful for the Serbian star, as in addition to having a partnership with the top bookmaker efbet, she was invited to be a judge in the music show “IDJShow” and was presented as the face of the brand “Puma” for Serbia.

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The efbet advertisement with Teodora

Teodora is the screen partner of Krisko and Ivaylo Chochev in the latest advertising offer of efbet. With her charms and amazing smile, the singer quickly grabs the attention of the viewers.

Bonuses are important at efbet

The advertising slogan “Bonus matters!” was implemented by efbet in 2022. The company held a number of promotional games and introduced various bonuses, with the peak of the campaign being the game “Thrill for Gold”, in which it gave away prizes worth BGN 5 million, including 5 kilograms of pure gold.

The bookmaker also pays special attention to every new customer on the efbet.com platform, offering great offers – BGN 200 sports initial bonus and BGN 1,500 casino initial bonus.

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