BBalance, a smart bath mat to weigh yourself without realizing it

Baracoda BBalance

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Already known for its Kolibree smart toothbrush and its CareOS Artemis connected mirror, the Baracoda group has not finished with our bathrooms and intends to change the face of the products found there. His new find, a smart bath mat that wants to make traditional bathroom scales outdated.

To do this, the BBalance hides under a classic cotton bath mat (machine washable) a large base (810 x 560 mm) which is none other than an impedance meter scale. This one is however forgotten, since it can more naturally remain in position in front of a sink, for example. The user only has to step on it as he would on any bath mat, the BBalance taking care of identifying it and recording its weight.

The BBalance Smart Bath Mat

The BBalance Smart Bath Mat

© Baracoda

It therefore automatically identifies users (up to 100 profiles) by their footprints, thanks to Footprint ID technology and its 2800 sensors. They are also used to measure posture (forward-backward and right-left weight distribution) and balance, as well as balance improvement, breathing, relaxation and strengthening exercises. muscle via the smartphone application to which the BBalance connects (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth). A BBalance app for Apple Watch is also available.

The BBalance is also used to practice balance, relaxation and muscle strengthening exercises.

The BBalance is also used to practice balance, relaxation and muscle strengthening exercises.

© Baracoda

The mat also incorporates two electrodes to measure body composition (muscle mass, fat mass, water mass and bone mass). These are disabled for safety when pregnancy mode is activated.

Water resistant, the BBalance incorporates a battery ensuring up to 6 months of autonomy, according to the manufacturer. It is currently offered for pre-order on its site at the preferential rate of €299, with availability announced for the spring. It will then be marketed at the price of 349 €.

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